Strike Team

The Peardale Chicago Park Fire Protection District is an active participant in Nevada County Strike Team Response to major wildland fires that occur each year. As part of the strike team, our wildland response apparatus, Brush 57 and Patrol 57 join up with other engines from other Nevada County fire departments to act as the strike team.

Once all of the engines are gathered together, they proceed to whichever fire they are called to respond to in the state and function then as a team for the duration of the assignment.

In 2015 our engine was on the road for 45 days staffed with 3-4 personnel.

The Lowell fire, Rocky Fire (Lake County), Fork Complex (Shasta County), Butte Fire (Calaveras County), Cuesta Fire (San Luis Obispo County), Rough Fire (Sierra National Forest) were fires that the Nevada County strike team responded to.

Thank you to the firefighters who were sometimes gone from home for two weeks straight providing this important service to citizens of our state or wherever they are called to respond in a wildland fire emergency.